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As our company continues to grow and evolve, we’re on the lookout for passionate and dedicated individuals to join our team. We value the unique experiences, knowledge, and preferences each member brings, and we’re committed to nurturing these in a collaborative environment.

Being a forward-thinking digital accounting firm, we offer the flexibility to work from home after an initial onboarding period. Say goodbye to daily commutes and embrace flexible work hours that fit your lifestyle.

We ensure you have all the tools you need for success, especially in mastering various software applications crucial in our field.

We invite you to explore the opportunities we currently have available. If you find a role that resonates with your skills and passions, please send us your CV and a cover letter expressing your interest to koen@makofisc.be

Even if you don’t see a specific role listed, we welcome spontaneous applications. We’re always eager to meet talented individuals who can contribute to our team in unique ways.

Join us at Makofisc and be part of a team that’s redefining the world of digital accounting!

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Crypto Accountant

Are you ready to dive into the dynamic world of cryptocurrency within the realm of accounting? 🌊💼

We’re surely not your average accounting firm; we strive to be pioneers at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution in accounting. 🚀 We’re seeking a sharp, innovative mind to join our team as a Cryptocurrency Accountant, where your passion for numbers meets the thrilling world of digital currencies. 💹🌐

Key Responsibilities:

  • Data Decoder: Immerse yourself in the sea of data, collecting and interpreting the complex information that cryptocurrencies whisper. 🧐📊
  • Report Guru: Craft detailed reports that don’t just state facts but tell the story behind data discrepancies. 📝🕵️‍♂️
  • Problem-Solver: Channel your inner detective to propose cunning solutions for rectifying errors – making the complex seem simple.🧩🔍
  • Quality Controller: Scrutinize reports with an eagle eye, ensuring every decimal is in its rightful place. 👀📈
  • Client Whisperer: Prepare and lead meetings with clients, transforming the enigmatic language of crypto into understandable insights. 🤝💬
  • Fiscal Advisor: Provide expert assistance in ruling requests, navigating the intricate tax implications of crypto transactions. 📋💰

Your Background:

  • A passion for numbers with a particular interest in the crypto universe. ❤️🔢
  • Proven experience in analyzing cryptocurrency transactions – you speak ‘crypto’ fluently! 💬📉
  • A creative and analytical mind that thrives on challenges. 🧠💭
  • Excellent communication skills, turning complex data into engaging, understandable insights. 🗣️👥

Why Join Us?

  • Unique Niche: Be part of a firm that leads in the crypto-accounting sector – we’re not following trends, we’re setting them. 🌟🔝
  • Innovative Environment: Work with cutting-edge tools and technologies in the heart of digital currency accounting. 💻🌍
  • Creative Freedom: We encourage originality and creativity in problem-solving and thinking. 🎨🤔
  • Growth Opportunities: Continuous learning and growth in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape. 📚📈

Are you ready to redefine the future of accounting with us? Join our team and be at the forefront of the crypto-accounting revolution!

Send us your resume and a cover letter that showcases your unique blend of skills and passion for crypto to koen@makofisc.be

All applications will be carefully reviewed, and selected candidates will be invited for an intake in January 2024. 🌟📬

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